Draw T-Shirt Design

Vector Art

Project Goal: Create a vector t-shirt design aimed at Winnipeg artists.



A Winnipeg-themed t-shirt aimed at appealing to local creatives in Winnipeg.


The shirt features a cute and silly bear enthusiastically shouting “DRAW”. The bear is a symbol of Canada and harsh winter. The product appeals to creatives because of the theme of enthusiasm for drawing. The cartoony and graphic style appeals to creatives. Art professionals and hobbyists are also stereotypically known to be quirky so they identify with the silly bear. The bear is designed in 2 colours, dark and light brown (along with the backdrop of the shirt colour). More colours on a shirt is more expensive and difficult to print so I kept it limited. Brown being a neutral colour looks good on many colours. The rounded typeface is friendly, suiting the light-hearted mood of the design.


tshirt thumbnail

UX • Restaurant Website

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Brand Identity • Folk Festival

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Label Design

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Calendar Series

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Repair Care • Logo Design

Digital Illustration

For this assignment our goals was to illustrate a letterform with something that started with said letterform. U for Undead.

repair care logo

Stantec Work

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