Undead Illustration

Digital Illustration

Project Goals: illustrate something in the shape of a letterform. The subject's name should begin with the letterform: "U" for undead.

undead in shape of letter U


I started with several thumbnails about how to best illustrate the shape of a U using the undead as a theme. I chose cold colours inline with how the undead are usually portrayed. The red (warm colour) eyes stand out against the cold colours and create a focal point.


repair care logo

Stantec Work

See my intern work for Stantec: praposal template, internal flyers and a slideshow update.


Brand Identity • Folk Festival

See my theme graphics, logo and expressions for Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Label Design

See my label refresh of an existing red wine.

T-Shirt Design • Vector Art

DRAW! Check out my vector t-shirt design.

tshirt thumbnail

UX • Restaurant Website

Check out my imagined re-design of Little Goat restaurant's website.

Calendar Series

See my calendar series featuring digital illustration and layout.

Repair Care • Logo Design