Stantec Intern Work

1. Proposal Template


Create a proposal template with a range of options for covers and table of contents.

stantec slide


Each solution is asymmetrically balanced. Each option visually groups information making it organised and usable. Stantec branding, colours and shape is followed.

2. Internal Social Flyers


Create internal flyers to promote two compnay social events.
DEADLINE: 1 day for each

undead in shape of letter U


Because these events were internal social events a fun and expressive look was encouraged.

3. Slideshow Update


Update a Stantec Project Slideshow (Beginning Slides Only)

stantec slide

Rationale • Intro Slide

The photograph has a black overlay to differentiate it from the rest of the slides which feature photography. This also draws the eye to the title and makes the Stantec Orange stand out.

stantec slide stantec slide

Rationale • Services and Timeline

Because there is a lot of technical information on these slides a simple and structured layout with strong hierarchy was used to avoid visual clutter.

stantec slide

Rationale • Project Title Page

This slide proceeds approximately 50 project detail slides by Stantec. It separates the introductory slides and prepares the viewer for the following project slides.


Brand Identity • Folk Festival

See my theme graphics, logo and expressions for Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Label Design

See my label refresh of an existing red wine.

T-Shirt Design • Vector Art

DRAW! Check out my vector t-shirt design.

Calendar Series

See my calendar series featuring digital illustration and layout.

Repair Care • Logo Design

undead illustration

Digital Illustration

For this assignment our goal was to illustrate a letterform with something that started with said letterform. U for Undead.